Lukasz Dolata

Software Developer

 Attended Poznan University of Technology and lives in Poznan Poland.

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1405 Clearwood Dr, Longview, TX. 75604

[903} 309-8465

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Roger Belk

AKA Big Daddy App

  I am a 48 year old Ironworker. I know, WTF!  Yes I've been Hanging High Steel for 27 years now. About 4 years ago I bought an iPad and went online to see if I could write a small app for it. I found that there wasn't anything I could do without some programing skills. I signed up for a Beta Testing of Google's App Inventor and was accepted. Gary Frederick, Anthony Barnes, Ed, Gene Kupfer and Shival Wolf helped head me into the right direction. After 2 years of working with MIT and Google's AI, I started wanting more. I then  started watching YouTube videos on Android Development in my spare time and soon after started re making my Ai apps using Android SDK. I would always run in to areas that I needed help with and that's how I met Lukasz, (below). He is a real programmer and way smarter than I am. He helps me with a lot of the new updates and newer apps that are coming up.

I want to do this full time so on January 1, 2016 I will no longer be an Ironworker and devote all of my time to learning and developing Android apps. Please try them, write reviews and have fun!